Sales Tax Registration and Change of Particulars.
Maintenance of Sales Tax record as per Sales Tax Act.1990.
Filing of Monthly/Quarterly Sales Tax Returns.
Filing of Monthly/Quarterly/Annually Statement Summary as required under the Sales Tax Act.1990.
Filing and Follow up of Refund claims.
Finalization of Pre-Audit, Audit, Post Audit and Pre-Refund Audit.
Processing reply of Audit Observations, Show Cause notices and Appeals and representation on behalf of respected Clients.
De-Registration (ST-3) as per Sales Tax Act.1990.
Provide Services for filing of the Income Tax Return of:
Other entities
Maintenance of Account for Income Tax under Income Tax Ord.2001.
Formation of Income Tax Returns.
Finalization of Audit.
Income Tax Cases/Appeals.
Property Law (including Purchases, Sales, Leasing, Lenders, Brokers, Deeds, Liens, Easements, Boundary Disputes, Construction Projects, Contractor Disputes, Disclosures, Permits, Land Use and Government Regulation.

Sale Deed, Wills, Gift Deed, Trust Deed, Inheritance Law, Conflicts, Drafting, Agreement, Memorandum Of Understanding, Beneficiaries.

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